Molecular Pharmacology
Diagnosis, Therapy and Biology of Disease Home Area

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The Molecular Pharmacology: Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Biology of Disease Home Area is a Home Area within the broader UCLA Graduate Programs in Bioscience. This Home Area combines training and research opportunities in basic and clinical research by integrating biological, medical, physical, engineering and mathematical sciences to advance and integrate discovery and innovation across three overall fields represented in the “triangle” concept: (1) biology of disease, (2) molecular diagnostics and (3) molecular and cellular therapeutics.

Our Home Area offers students opportunities to interact with postdocs, medical fellows, and basic and clinical science faculty to explore the molecular and biological mechanisms that regulate cellular and organ functions to (1) identify and understand molecular errors of disease, (2) develop biochemical and non-invasive imaging assays to diagnose and guide therapeutic selection and responses, and (3) develop pharmacological means to correct, replace or compensate for these errors. This is accomplished through applying a multi-disciplinary approach to a broad range of studies, from in silico to single cell to whole organism (including patients), with faculty of diverse research interests and academic backgrounds.

Within the Molecular Pharmacology: Diagnostics, Therapeutics and Biology of Disease Home Area are the preclinical Crump Institute for Molecular Imaging (CIMI) and the Ahmanson Translational Imaging Division (ATID). Housed in the ATID is the integration of preclinical molecular imaging, drug discovery and clinical PET research, along with the Nuclear Medicine and PET/CT diagnostic imaging clinical services where students have access to clinical sciences and the opportunity to directly impact patient care.


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